About Us

Objective Of INS

The objective of the Society which may be enlarged at any time as herein after provided are:-

  • To act as a central organization of the Press of India and of any other country in Asia, which desires to associate itself with the Society.
  • To promote and safegaurd the business interests of its members incidental to the production of their publications and to take suitable steps in respect of such business as are affected by the action of Legislatures, Governments, the Law Courts, Municipal and local bodies and Associations or Organizations, commercial or formed for any other purpose.
  • To collect information upon all topics having a practical business interest for its members and to communicate the same to them.
  • To promote co-operation in all matters affecting the common business interests of members.
  • To hold periodical conferences of its members to discuss and determine action on matters of common businesss interest.
  • To make rules and regulations and bye-laws to govern the conduct of its members in accordance with the decisions of the Society, to provide penalties for the infringement thereof and to provide means of determining whether there has been such infringement.
  • To maintain a permanent secretariat in India to watch over the business interests of members and to permit a constant interchange of information and views.
  • To invest and deal with the assets of the Society in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the Committee of the Society and to operate Current or Fixed Deposit Accounts with any Bank or Banks or in Government Securities as approved by the Committee.
  • To subscribe, become a member of or otherwise co-operate with any other Association whose objects are wholly or in part similar to those of the Society.
  • To collect subscriptions and other contributions from its members for the recurring and incidental expenses of the Society.
  • To undertake any arbitration for settlement of general or special disputes arising between members of the Society.
  • To provide for the grant of any pension, gratuity, allowances bonus or other payment to or for the benefit of the employees of the Society as deemed expedient whether they have or have not a legal claim upon the Society for such grants.
  • To borrow or raise or secure the payment of money which may be required for the purposes of the Society in such manner as the Society may think fit.
  • To undertake and execute any Trust which may lawfully be undertaken by the Society and may be conducive to its objects.
  • To do or concur in doing all such other things as may be considered conducive or incidental to the attainment of the aforesaid objects or to the business interests of newspapers and periodicals in general or of the Society or any of its members in particular.