About Us

Functions Of Indian Newspaper Society (INS)

Having celebrated its Platinum Jubilee, on completion of 60 years of existence in 1999, INS has entered the new millennium as a mature and well establishes organization serving the newspaper industry of the country.

Below mentioned are some of the functions and activities of INS.


    One of the key functions performed by the society is to provide assistance to member publications in regard to monitoring the recovery of their dues from Advertising Agencies & Advertisers.


    Newsprint is the lifeline of the the newspaper industry, being the primary raw material constituting 50 to 60% of the total cost of production. The Newsprint Committee keeps a close watch on all the developments in this regard and seeks appropriate relief, from time to time , on the issues affecting the interests of the country.

    Industrial Relations

    INS being the central body for newspaper establishments has also helped members by placing their views as an industry before the government on the recommendations of the Wage boards for working journalists and non-journalists employees so that the Central Government takes a realistic view and the newspaper industry, despite the onslaught of the electronic media, may survive and play its role in the democratic process.

    Press Freedom

    The Press Freedom Committee of the Society has always continued its efforts for maintaining the freedom of the press and takes up related issues from time to time like attack on newspaper establishments /journalists, issues concerning entry of foreign media etc. The Society always puts in its efforts to ensure that the newspapers could be published by the employees without any fear for their lives and damage to the assets of the newspaper establishments.

    Accreditation of Advertising Agencies

    An institutionalized system of granting accreditation to advertising agencies enabling them, upon such accreditation, to access certain facilities from the members, has been in vogue for several decades.

    The system operates in terms of the "Rules Governing Accreditation of Advertising Agencies and Rulings of the Society" adopted by the Society, initially in the year 1943, and subsequently amended from time to time.


    Advisory on Advertisements of Defaulting Advertisers

    It is true that advertising agencies themselves often have problems of recovery of their dues from their advertisers. While the Society insists that the agencies are obliged to pay their dues to members not withstanding non-recoveries from their advertisers, it does assist the agencies , in deserving cases, by suspending the advertisements of the defaulting advertisers , under the Rules, when the claim of the agency concerned has been established and it has cleared the dues of the publications.

    Monitoring of Payments to Publications

    The Society monitors payments to publications from the advertising agencies through a system of Monthly Review Verification (MRV)

    Enforcement of Accreditation Rules

    The Society constantly endeavors to enforce the Accreditation Rules, so that payments are made within the credit period allowed and the offering of commission/discounts etc, which is not permissible, is not resorted to.

    Resolution of Disputes between Publications and the Agencies

    Both publications and agencies are encouraged to mutually resolve their disputes but wherever it becomes imperative, the Society advice the agencies involved to bilaterally settle the disputes.